The perfume and cosmetics industry is still dependent on supplies of patchouli oil.

It makes perfect sense if Indonesia potentially produces a range of essential oils. The fact is, there are 200 species of plants in Indonesia that are capable of producing essential oils.

Patchouli leaf, known as pecoli or patchouly

One of these plants is the patchouli plant (pogostemon cablin benth). Patchouli is also known as the fragrant dhilem or dhilep and pecoli or patchoul or patchouli.

This plant derives from the Lamiaceae (Labiatae) family, which is a seasonal herbal plant that grows upright. The height is approximately a meter and is characterized by its numerous braches. Other characteristics of this plant include its wooden and purplish stem with long green leaves.

We see this as an opportunity to support the global needs of this industry. We have do some research and have our own estate of plantation in West Java, to give the best result to our customers.